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The Pastor & Worship

Here is a great quote from Louis F. Benson, The Hymnody of the Christian Church (1927), preface, vi-vii: “A good Providence has committed to the hands of every pastor, for such use as he can make of them, the three arts that lie nearest the human heart, – speech, poetry and music. The mission of […]

Greek Among Laymen in 18th Century America

I am currently reading and enjoying Kevin J. Hayes’ recent book, The Mind of a Patriot: Patrick Henry and the World of Ideas (Univ. of Virginia Press, 2008). I like Patrick Henry, and there are many fascinating aspects to the book. One aspect just jumped out to me the other day. In discussing Patrick Henry’s […]

The Formative Role of the Psalms

Eric Smith has posted today a great quote from Jack Collins’ notes on the Psalms in the ESV Study Bible and his own contemplation. I agree heartily. We need these inspired songs and prayers to teach us to worship appropriately. From “The Psalms as Scripture” in the introductory material about the Psalms in the ESV […]

Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies

2 Timothy 2:23 -“Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels.” (ESV) This is an important though oft neglected admonition from the Apostle Paul. It is clear and forceful. There are certain types of controversies which we are to avoid all together. This means there will be certain “hot” […]

John Newton on Work

In the latest newsletter from the John Newton Project, I appreciated this quote from Newton: “Through mercy, we and our family are in tolerable health, and peace. I never was better. I preached four times this week, since Sunday, and seem as stout and strong for tomorrow, as if I had not preached at all. […]

“For Heaven’s Sake, Teach History!”

This is the title of a good recent article at Kairos Journal. The article is a good, brief argument for the value of history generally for Christians and an encouragement for pastors to teach their people about the works of God in history. I encourage you to read it and to sign up for Kairos […]

Grace Points from Ortlund

Ray Ortlund is a regular reminder to me of the centrality of grace. Two of his recent posts speak directly to the theme of my last two posts (one, two). First, in words I have heard him use elsewhere Ortlund presses the implications of being under grace and not law. He writes: You are not […]

Believe the Love of God

Following on from my previous post, here is my recent attempt to proclaim the reality of God’s love for His people from Isaiah 43. I read from and alluded to Isaiah 42:18-43:21, but focused the exposition on 43:1-7 which says: 43:1 But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who […]

Proclaim the Forgiveness of Sins

I am increasingly mindful of the struggle Christians have to really believe that God loves them and forgives their sin. Part of our task as pastors in proclaiming the gospel is to remind the people of God that God does truly forgive sin. This is a crucial aspect of the gospel. But for some of […]

Christ’s Atoning Wounds

If you do not already read Justin Wainscott’s blog, Theology in Verse, I encourage you to do so. He often posts theologically rich and powerfully emotive poems, some of his own and some from others. Today he posted the following poem which I particularly appreciated. The meter is I believe, so it could be […]