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Archive of entries posted on February 2010

John MacArthur on How to Serve Christians Who Are Needlessly Restrictive

Andy Naselli has posted audio and a written summary of John MacArthur’s response to the question: How would you approach a congregation trapped in years of legalistic tradition? MacArthur’s call for patient loving instruction is helpful, providing a good portrait of shepherding.

Selfishness vs. Courage

I find myself wanting to post a quote from Bob Schultz’s Boyhood and Beyond almost every day as we read through the book (see previous post). There is a wealth of wisdom here, and it stimulates good conversation. Today we read the chapter titled, “Leadership,” where he drew from the story of Ernest Schackleton, a […]

The Making of an Atheist

I am pleased to be participating in a blog tour for Jim Speigel’s new book, The Making of an Atheist. Once the tour schedule is completed I will post it. I am not scheduled to post on the book for a while, but the book came yesterday and I have been quite taken with it. […]

The Family Table and Wisdom

Patrick Henry Reardon has a great article in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Touchstone titled, “Wisdom from the Family Table.” It is another great resource for parents as he discusses the important life training that takes place as families gather around their tables. Here are two quotes: “The quest of wisdom commences with learning how […]

Interview in Towers

The February 8, 2010 edition of Southern Seminary’s Towers Magazine includes a brief interview with me on the importance of shepherding souls (p. 16). The key concerns which animate this blog come out in the interview.

Imagination the Basis of Ethics, Worldview

Below is a recent post from my blog on children’s literature, “The Children’s Hour.”  It concerns the role of the imagination in the development of a worldview and in sanctification.  This is a significant pastoral issue both in the pastor’s role of thinking about the training of the children in the church and just in […]

Imagination the Basis of Ethics, Worldview

David Mills’ article, “Enchanting Children: Training Up a Child Requires a Well Formed Imagination” (from Touchstone) is a great resource for parents. He deals with several issues, primarily the importance of the imagination in shaping life.  He argues that the imagination shapes life more than the facts we know and that stories are the key factor […]

Psalm 19

Aaron O’Kelly delivered a wonderful sermon this morning at Cornerstone on Psalm 19. I was helped by his exposition noting how God speaks through creation and Scripture and that this speech calls for a response. It is well worth a listen.

350 Pounds of Books

Here is a statement just released from Union University’s Ryan Center for Biblical Studies about a wonderful opportunity: The Ryan Center has an exciting opportunity to partner with Indigenous Outreach International in their ministry in Ethiopia. IOI, founded and led by Union alum Patrick Beard, has been working in Ethiopia for years. This April they […]

Bold Testimony

I appreciated Eric Smith’s recent post, “Meeting a True Bishop,” for the portrayal of proper pastoral boldness in the life of Basil the Great. It brought to mind a section I had just read in Baptist Piety: The Last Will and Testimony of Obadiah Holmes. Edwin Gaustad, the author, is describing the setting into which […]