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Ambrose as Pastor

In Augustine’s Confessions his description of Ambrose as a pastor is instructive.  He mentions how Ambrose is taken up with ministering to the needs of his people (“to whose infirmities he devoted himself”) and then stealing time for study (Book 6.3).  His first mention of Ambrose’s labors provides a model portrait for pastors: And to […]

Prophetic Presence in the Halls of Power

Here is another quote from Conan Doyle’s, The White Company. The English knights and company while staying with some French nobility hear from the French nobleman how low he thinks of the common people under his rule.  Doyle, as a good Englishman contrasts this with the free heartiness of Englishmen, but then moves on to […]

The Ministry of Melancthon Jacobus

After commenting on Jacobus yesterday I discovered a book (at Google books) containing memorial addresses upon his death .  The addresses are powerful and moving, evidence of a significant life of ministry.  Two key things mentioned of Jacobus were his vast knowledge of Scripture and his care for people- 2 essential elements for a pastor.  […]

Gregory of Nazianzus on Pastoral Ministry

This week Matt Crawford, who is doing doctoral work in patristics, pointed me to Gregory of Nazianzus’ (c. 329-390) second theological oration which he preached after having initially fled from his ordination as bishop.  Reading this oration, its influence on Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Care was obvious. The writing is tedious at times and the […]

Schneider & Spirit-Empowered Boldness

Connecting my last two posts, Paul Schneider is an example of Spirit-empowered boldness.  As he shepherded his people he found himself compelled to call evil by name as he saw it in the Nazi party which was solidifying its power in Germany and in the cowardice of some church leaders. Notice the boldness and clarity […]

Paul Schneider: The Witness of Buchenwald

Until recently I had never heard the name Paul Schneider.  Then, I was introduced to his powerful story by a compelling lecture by John Dwyer.  Following that lecture I bought and read an English translation of Rudolf Wentorf’s book, Paul Schneider: The Witness Of Buchenwald. This edition is not the greatest.  The translation is odd […]

Gill on the Pastorate

In John Gill’s exposition of Matt. 13:52, he gives a good description of the work of the pastor: “…of which indeed Christ is properly the householder and master, but Gospel ministers are deputies and stewards under him, and under him preside over the household, and have the government of it, provide food for it, and […]

Chrysostom as a Preacher

“[John Chrysostom’s] excellence we appreciate today from an exegetical point of view, from an ethical point of view, and from a literary point of view. The preaching of this master centers in his series of exegetical sermons on individual books of the Bible. . . . . his great authority as a preacher rested in […]

Martin Bucer on the Lord’s Supper

These themes I found valuable: – communion is a gift from God given because we need it – frequency – the tone of thankfulness and joyful triumph “The Lord, therefore, out of his great and ineffable love, has ordained and appointed for us a sacred supper in which he gives us his body and blood, […]

Older Saints are a Treasure

In our age which idolizes youth we often miss the biblical teaching which esteems age and, as a result, miss the treasure that our older saints are. They are a great blessing to the church too often overlooked. Recently I had the opportunity to converse with an elderly lady from out of town. She has […]