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N T Wright’s Urgent Plea for the Psalms

“This book is a personal plea. The psalms, which make up the great hymnbook at the heart of the Bible, have been the daily lifeblood of Christians, and of course the Jewish people, from the earliest times. Yet in many Christian circles today, the Psalms are simply not used. And in many places where they […]

“Somber Doesn’t Sell”: Our Lack of Lament

I just came across this great quote on the lack of laments in most Christian worship settings. Except for denominations committed to singing every psalm in chant, paraphrase, or hymn, contemporary hymnists and hymnals prefer to celebrate God as creator and thank God as liberator rather than to lament to the God who listens. … […]

The Psalms as Christian Lament: A Historical Commentary

Bruce Waltke, James Houston, and Erika Moore The Psalms as Christian Lament: A Historical Commentary (Eerdmans)   One of the way we demonstrate our lack of immersion in the Psalms is our lack of familiarity with lament, our lack of practice in doing it well and in being comfortable with others lamenting. This book is […]

Trueman, “Tragic Worship”

Carl Trueman’s First Things article, “Tragic Worship,” is wonderful reminder of our need for addressing the tragic realities of life and death in our worship. Drawing from our understanding of tragedy in drama, Trueman critiques our preference for distraction. This is what much of modern worship amounts to: distraction and diversion. Praise bands and songs […]

Luther, Value of Singing the Psalms

Looking back through the excellent volume, What Luther Says (an excellent resource!), I came across this passage where Luther extols the value of singing the Psalms. I have discussed previously Luther’s love of the Psalms. Here succinctly he mentions the comfort they give, how they “preach the Messiah,” and the added impact of singing them […]

Johnny Cash & the Psalms

Mike Garrett alerted me to a recent interview of Rosanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s daughter, at Garden & Gun. Towards the end of the interview she is asked about her favorite memories of her dad, and I was taken with the place of the Psalms. Here is that part of the interview: Your dad has been […]

Early Medieval Psalter Found in Irish Bog

This is a fascinating story about the discovery of a 1200 year old psalter. The video below tells the story and its significance. One striking comment from the video is, “You can’t have Christianity without writing.”

N. T. Wright on the Psalms

Since I heard about N. T. Wright’s new book on the Psalms I have been waiting for it to come out. While I have my differences with Wright, I am glad to hear him speaking on this important issue. He recently did an interview with Christianity Today on the topic of the Psalms which is […]

Dennis Kinlaw, Lectures in Old Testament Theology

Last week I spent some time in Lectures in Old Testament Theology, by Dennis Kinlaw (with John Oswalt). This is a very useful summary of Old Testament teaching. It is essentially the transcripts of oral addresses and thus it reads very easily. Though aware of the academic issues, these addresses are pitched at a level […]

Invitation to the Psalms

I am not typically pleased or impressed with guides to the Psalms. The Psalms are examples of engagement with God meant to be used and most study guides treat them as objects of analysis. While the guides often make true statements, they end up with abstract categorizations rather than helps for making use of these […]