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M. E. Dodd on Joyous Communion

In a previous post I took issue with J. M. Pendleton’s morose description of communion. It has not been heartening to find Pendleton’s sentiments echoed in various other Baptist authors of the past. However, today I was encouraged to find M. E. Dodd addressing his own church members, reminding them of their times of celebrating […]

Calvin on God’s Promises to Individuals

Recently I have in a number of settings felt the need to stress that God’s promises in Scripture to the church apply to each individual who is redeemed. This has at times come up in situations where God’s love for his people is mentioned, and some struggle with thinking, “I know God loves His people […]

Bunyan Poem on Valor and the Christian Life

John Bunyan is one of many historical examples of a pastor/poet. Pilgrim’s Progress contains a number of poems by Bunyan. Below is one I have appreciated for some time. In the story it comes from Mr. Valiant-for-Truth. Louis Benson, prominent hymnologist, described this song as “dramatically virile” and stated, “to Bunyan bravery is the root […]

The Work of Christ Portrayed by John White

We have recently finished reading Gaal the Conqueror, volume two of John White’s Archives of Anthropos series. I previously reviewed volume 1, The Sword-Bearer. I plan to review this book soon, but in the meantime, here is an extended excerpt in which White portrays the work of Christ at the cross. I thought this section […]

“There are plenty of bad things that need killing”

Every once in a while I mention here items on my Children’s literature blog. Certainly one role of a pastor is to encourage families in the training of their children. Yesterday, I posted a reflection on a line from George Macdonald’s book, The Princess and Curdie. The wise, mysterious woman character encourages Curdie, a young […]

Interview with John Thornbury

Recently I had the privilege of talking for a while with John Thornbury who recently retired from his church, Winfield Baptist, after pastoring there for over 40 years. He has also written several books. I was struck by the amount of wisdom and experience he has to offer to the rest of us, particularly as […]

Communion Is Not for Self-Flagellation

I am currently working on a chapter on the practice of communion in churches (I promise, Tom and Matt, I am chasing that deadline!). I recently found an older expression of a view of communion which I want to counter. Here then is an excerpt from my work at this stage: J. M. Pendleton in […]

Ken Myers on Titus and Cultural Engagement

In the recent issue of Touchstone Magazine Ken Myers’ article “Waiting for Epimenides” draws from the letter to Titus lessons for cultural engagement. This is a good article both in its handling of Titus and in its observations of the current church scene. Here are some quotes: “A passion for Christian maturity is easily obscured […]